Pete Philly Returns With Come Together


[youtube id=”T-fJi3dpXIA”] Netherlands rapper Pete Philly returns after a seven-year hiatus with “Come Together.” The Aruba native who moved to the Netherlands as a child was dealing with a serious illness but has recovered and returned to music. He wrote a statement to go with the single:

“It’s taken me seven years to reconnect with you.. That’s a lot of pent up LOVE that’s inside of me and I can’t wait to share it. For the first time in my life, I’m actually present, loving and healthy enough to serve on the level I believe you deserve. So, this year I’m taking you on the road to BLISS as I experience it. My discoveries come with fresh new theme MUSIC. I deeply appreciate YOU specifically for keeping tabs on me during this long but necessary rebirth. This first song is produced for you especially. Much, much “