Black Milk’s Laugh Now Cry Later First Single From FEVER

Black Milk announced his new album FEVER two days ago and now he is sharing the first single “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” He says the song is about the conflicting emotions people have when they engage with social media:

“One moment you can be super angry about something and a couple of minutes later you’ll see a meme about that very same issue or some other random event that will make you laugh. We’re taking in high volumes of content and experiencing an array of emotions, often times conflicting emotions, all day and night on this social media rollercoaster.”

FEVER is a multi-genre album with appearances from star musicians Chris Dave and Daru Jones. And as far as the album’s concept Black Milk said in a press release:

“Everybody’s temperature is up right now. The whole world is on edge. This album is my take on the issues I see as the cause for the high temp, and how I’m maneuvering through it.”

FEVER will be released February 23rd on Computer Ugly and Mass Appeal Records.