Charity Lockhart Gets Ready For The Holidays With The Reason Is Love


Charity Lockhart shares “The Reason Is Love” from her Under The Mistletoe album. Lockhart penned the song about romance during the holidays and it reflects her jazz and R&B background. It is one tune from her charming Xmas collection that shows off her vocal finesse. Lockhart was raised with music because her father is a Pentecostal pastor and her mother is a music educator. Beyond entertainment, she sees her music as an agent of change. According to her,

“I believe in the power of music to heal and change lives. I’ve learned to live in love and enjoy every moment with gratitude. When people come to see me perform, no doubt they’ll be entertained but they’ll also feel love, joy and peace. I always tell my audiences, expect to be transformed.”

Stream “The Reason Is Love” below.