Omar Announces Love In Beats Deluxe Edition


Omar’s Love In Beats will have a deluxe edition release next month. Eight additional tracks include six remixes and two new songs. Tall Black Guy, Jazzy Jeff and his brother the Scratch Professor have added their touch to the deluxe album. Omar’s collaboration with The British Collective “That’s Why” is new and “Brainstorm” featuring Maurice Brown. Love In Beats Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered before the January 28th release.

As far as remix projects are concerned Scratch Professor added a “new” album to Omar’s catalog with The Man Retwisted.

Omar just participated in BET’s first International Soul Cypher.

Watch the video for “Gave My Heart” featuring the late Leon Ware from Love In Beats.

[youtube id=”AbcxaN8Xfe8″]