Throwback: One Way-Cutie Pie

[youtube id=”c24g4xZhHXQ”] Detroit’s One Way started out as Al Hudson and the Soul Partners in the ’70s. Their name would change to One Way featuring Al Hudson and finally just the two words One Way after the addition of singer Alicia Myers. The band specialized in uptempo R&B party songs and mellow ballads. “You Can Do It” released in 1979 was their first hit record and it established them as a high-energy group with unquestionable musicianship. Who’s Foolin’ Who, their third album, was an opportunity for them to add funk to their sound. “Cutie Pie”‘s steamy progression of accented horns, brawny keyboards and Hudson’s falsetto gripped listeners into an immediate body-moving trance. One Way scored a hit on multiple charts and made something for posterity because it became their signature song and would be referenced again and again in pop culture. The same year of  Who’s Foolin’ Who Alicia Myers released her album I Fooled You This Time which has the second appearance of her classic recording “I Want To Thank You.” Myers did leave One Way later but the songs on her album were all written and produced by One Way members. The band released a dozen albums before breaking up but they have performed live on rare occasions during the 2000s.