Throwback: The Soul Searchers-Ashley’s Roachclip


[youtube id=”md9veYbl7wI”] Chuck Brown formed his Soul Searchers band in the late ’60’s after  studying Latin rhythms as a member of the Los Latinos Band and James Brown’s premier funk.  Salt Of The Earth (1974) was the second album for The Soul Searchers. “Ashley’s Roachclip” reflects the James Brown influence coming from guitarist Jimmy Nolen and it shows what The Soul Searchers sounded like before they developed their Go-Go sound. The instrumental funk track could have been used for a blaxploitation film. The relentless groove of “Ashley’s Roachclip” continues to attract successive generations of hip-hop producers. Chuck Brown is known nationally for the success of his 1978 hit “Bustin’ Loose” but The Soul Searchers were an institution in the D.C. area for the Go-Go sound.