The Celestial Baseball Association Hits a Home Run with New Book Trailer for “Old Timers Day”

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Las Vegas – Riding the wave of the World Series momentum, the Celestial Baseball Association has released their exciting new book trailer for “Old Timers Day: As Told by God to Richard LoPresto.” Authored by Richard LoPresto and co-written with Jerry Schafer, “Old Timers Day” is an epic tale about the forces of “Good vs. Evil” battling on the baseball field. Produced by Markus Watson, the production genius behind Your Video Ninja, the book trailer also serves as a teaser for the upcoming film to be directed by Foster Corder. 

In “Old Timers Day: As Told by God to Richard LoPresto,” God Almighty and Satan the Devil face off and select their own major league baseball teams comprised of illustrious players, living and dead. Each agrees that once the game is in progress, neither of them can have anything whatsoever to do with the end result. The beloved pastime transforms into an extreme sport of ‘Winner Takes All’ as the instant the game is over, the loser, God Almighty or Satan the Devil, will be stricken from the mind of man and from the annals of history forever! The great game takes place at the legendary Ebbets Field, a Major League Baseball stadium in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York City where the 1955 World Series was held. 

As the team selection and actual game plays unfold with meticulous attention to details, “Old Timers Day” packs its storyline with amazing sports trivia and interesting historical facts, dating all the way back from the inception of baseball to the present. With the opposing teams comprised of over 100 of the greatest baseball players of all time, joined by celebrated managers, umpires, coaches and announcers, the reader is immersed in a baseball history lesson. Revealing facts about player flaws and triumphs and even musings about the scientific mechanics of hitting the ball and pitching a game, lend to the plot and advance the reader toward Game Day. “Old Timers Day” is virtually a sports encyclopedia within the tale of one of the best baseball stories ever told.

The Celestial Baseball Association recently announced that veteran filmmaker Foster Corder has secured the film rights to their book. Corder is hoping to take meetings with producers like J. J. Abrams, Thomas Tull and Brian Grazer to garner Hollywood’s interest in the movie and cast stars like Tom Hanks as God, Will Smith to play the great right fielder Roberto Clemente and Arnold Schwarzenegger as outfielder Ty Cobb.
Author Richard LoPresto is considered a baseball aficionado by baseball enthusiasts around the world. “God literally gave me the vision for this book,” reveals LoPresto. “‘Old Timers Day’ was always a special day at the ballpark for me when I was growing up in Brooklyn, so I am deeply humbled to have witnessed with my own eyes the compelling saga that is revealed within the pages of the book. The book trailer adds to the excitement we have in store for the reader in anticipation of the making of the film. The timing of our trailer release during this great World Series is just an added blessing and for me, a sign from God.”
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