City Council Declares Oct 28th As The Official Uncle Jamm’s Army Day


[youtube id=”0hZ3WIS3qBo”] The City Council of Los Angeles declares October 28th as Uncle Jamm’s Army Day to acknowledge their influence on west coast hip-hop culture. The day coincides with Red Bull Music Academy’s A Conversation With Ice-T as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles.

Ice-T will talk about the first electro and hip-hop party that grew from local high school dances to selling out arenas in a few years. Uncle Jamm’s Army DJs including Dr. Funkenstein, Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, and DJ Bobcat demonstrated how electro and hip-hop could co-exist then and its significance now.

Red Bull Music Academy debuted the new documentary episode from The Note titled Uncle Jamm’s Army: Pioneers of the Modern Party that looks at the history of these events and their impact on the west coast scene.

At the end of the evening on the 28th Egyptian Lover, Ice-T & The Glove, DJ Bobcat, Arabian Prince, Alonzo Williams & Cli-N-Tel (World Class Wreckin’ Cru), Dr. Funkenstein, and L.A. Dream Team will take part in a celebration of their pioneering work.

Watch the documentary above and you can also catch both events “A Conversation With Ice-T” and “Uncle Jamm’s Army” live on Red Bull Radio.