Throwback: Fab 5 Freddy & Beside-Change The Beat

[youtube id=”ZqauvQkC6VQ”] “Change The Beat” was one of five recordings designed to accompany artwork from graffiti artist Futura 2000. Fab 5 Freddy rapped in English and French on the A-side of the record and Bernard Zekri’s wife rapped the song in French as Beside which also referred to the actual B-side of the record. Celluloid Records founder Jean Karakos helped to bring the recording together after meeting Freddy and Bill Laswell produced the song. The 1982 recording was different from rap music like “The Message” because it was bilingual but the part where Freddy says, “Ahhh, this is really fresh”  through a vocoder is the most remembered thing about “Change The Beat.”  The words were an expression used by Laswell’s manager Roger Trilling when he heard songs he liked. Several articles have cited the over 1000 times the song has been rehashed for other songs so much that it is now the most sampled record to date. Fab 5 Freddy recently worked on the Google Doodle project celebrating the 44th birthday of hip-hop.