Liverpool Native XamVolo Drops New Single Feels Good

[youtube id=”26IqMYGIlM8″] XamVolo is a 23-year old singer-songwriter from Liverpool, England and he has claimed soul, UK R&B and jazz as influences on his sound. “Feels Good” is a happy R&B embedded with a Thelonius Monk sample. In 2016, his Chirality EP emerged and now he is working on a full-length debut for Universal Worldwide. He offers a back story for the single “Feels Good” :

“I wanted to capture a feeling.. That headspace you’re in when it’s 4am at a house party in a neighbourhood you’ve never been to..That moment when you slowly realize you’ve spent the last 40 minutes on the couch staring at the vinyl stacked next to the TV..When you find yourself wading from smoke-filled room to smoke-filled room, talking about everything and nothing to nameless people, drinking nameless drinks from bottomless cups, heedless, certain of nothing except the fact that – for once – nothing matters.  That’s the vibe, it’s a good feeling.”

XamVolo will appear at the Gloucester Guildhall Festival this weekend.