Amp Fiddler Releasing Amp Dog Knights Feat Unreleased J.Dilla Beats On Mahogani Music


Amp Fiddler is releasing his fourth studio album Amp Dog Knights on Mahogani Music and it has unreleased beats from J.Dilla. Fiddler was responsible for teaching Dilla how to use the MPC60 and introducing him to Q-Tip. Dilla co-produces two songs on the new album from beats on a ipZ drive that was stolen from him and retrieved by Fiddler. Dilla gave him the beats to use as a thank you for his mentorship.

“Return Of The Ghetto Fly” is from Amp Dog Knights and it features the smooth Ghetto Fly character who Fiddler describes as:

“Dressed like The Temptations every day and had attitude when they walked, they were almost dancing.”

T3 of Slum Village and vocalist Neco Redd are also on the track making it a pure Detroit collaboration.

Fiddler took a break from music in 2006 after the loss of his son and Amp Dog Knights is his second recording since his return. Last year he released Motor City Booty.

Amp Dog Knights will be released November 10th.

Amp Dog Knights Tracklisting 

  1. It’s Alright I (feat.Waajeed& Ideeyah)
  2. Keep Coming
  3. ReturnOfThe Ghetto Fly (feat. J Dilla, T3 & Neco Redd)
  4. Put MeInYour Pocket (feat. The Dames Brown)
  5. No Politics (feat. Andres &NecoRedd)
  6. Grandma’s Radio (feat. Sound Boy)
  7. I’m Feeling You
  8. It’s Alright II (feat.NecoRedd)
  9. Free Your Soul (feat. JDilla& Bubz Fiddler)
  10. I Get Moody Sometimes (feat.Moodymann)
  11. Funky Say So
  12. Good Vibes
  13. It’s Alright III (feat.Waajeed& Ideeyah)