Watch: Shabazz Palaces’Video For Shine A Light Featuring Thaddillac


[youtube id=”Zc3LHxEjKNc”] Shabazz Palaces’ intriguing video for “Shine A Light” featuring Thaddillac involves animal sacrifice, a teen wedding and religion. Palaceer Lazaro is taken through the crowd as a half-human half goat baby whose blood will presumably erase the sins of the lesbian couple getting married. But the concept of sin dissolves when all kinds of lovers in the crowd kiss,  give the couple encouragement and dances. The 32-page booklet that accompanies Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines will be available from Sub Pop this Friday. “Shine A Light” is from Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star. Shabazz Palaces are on tour for the rest of the year. What do you think of the video?