WGN Cancels Underground After 2 Seasons

WGN has canceled Underground after two seasons and 90 episodes. The show was a period drama series about the Underground Railroad in Antebellum Georgia. It had record ratings during of March of last year and brought acclaim to the network. The announcement comes two weeks after the network canceled Outsiders, which was their most-watched show. Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that it was purchasing Tribune which is WGN’s parent company earlier this month. Chris Ripley, who is the CEO of Sinclair, said earlier this month that the network’s ratings did not justify the costs of the original programming. He also said the company “is already going to be shifting its strategy away from high-cost originals into more cost-effective originals and reruns.” Some fans of the show see the connection between Underground’s cancellation and Netflix ending The Get Down because of the expenses. John Legend, who played Frederick Douglass on the show and produced it took to Twitter and shared his belief that the show will find a new home.