Throwback: Trouble Funk-Pump Me Up


[youtube id=”xg5IRsPs5E8″] D.C. go-go band Trouble Funk got together in the late ’70’s as a 10-man lineup. They quickly became known for their live shows around town and attracted the attention of Sugar Hill Records. Drop The Bomb would be the first go-go record released outside of D.C. and the first of its kind to be released on the pioneering rap label. “Pump Me Up” was one of the six infectious songs on the album.  “Pump Me Up” held court on D.C.’s go-go scene but the fact that it was released on a rap label reflected its dual legacies as a go-go classic and a hip-hop essential. “Pump Me Up” is heard in the movie Juice and has been sampled by several artists across genres including Public Enemy, Kurtis Blow,  MARRS, Coldcut, George Michael and many others. Trouble Funk released seven albums but Drop The Bomb was the only one for Sugar Hill. Trouble Funk never made the national stage with their music directly but created an everywhere presence for themselves by adding central elements to the music of so many artists.