Throwback: Dana Dane-Cinderfella Dana Dane

[youtube id=”oaY_ywp5Y4w”] Dana Dane was a member of the Kangol Crew along with Slick Rick, Cooley Brown, Omega The Heartbreaker and Kool Luv Ski. Rick and Dane were close friends and he hailed from the Bronx and Dane was from Brooklyn. They both had superior tailoring, sported English accents (Dane’s was affected) and had the ability to tell a good story. In D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories, Dane explained that “Cinderfella Dana Dane” was inspired by a Cinderella comic book he saw in Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall and Jerry Lewis’s Cinderfella. He wanted to use both stories to create his own urban tale of escaping the Fort Greene projects. Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor produced “Cinderfella Dana Dane” and the whole Dana Dane With Fame album. The album achieved Gold status but there was never a video made for “Cinderfella Dana Dane.” Dane’s Rollin’ Wit Dana Dane was his last major label album and in 2005 he independently released Dana Dane and The Great Unknowns. In 2009, he saw the release of his first novel Numbers. Dana Dane is currently touring the United States and has tour stops on the west coast this summer.