Afro-Folk Singer Naomi Wachira Is Beautifully Human On New Song


Naomi Wachira’s reggae-infused folk sound was developed in Seattle via Kenya and “Beautifully Human” is her way of questioning inequality that happens among people because of perceived differences. Wachira’s full-length Song Of Lament is coming soon and she has an exact intent with the recording:

“If there’s one thing I learned from my parents, it is to try and leave a place better than I found it. My hope is that this album will do just that. I know we are certainly living in dark times, but I hope that we will all find the courage to be light in whatever way we’ve been gifted… that we will seek to understand those who are different from us and find ways to both acknowledge and celebrate our differences and similarities.”

Naomi Wachira’s Song Of Lament will be released June 2nd.