Avery Sunshine Shares An Acoustic Version Of The Ice Cream Song From The Twenty Sixty Four Album


[youtube id=”ZCGcc4Dlmnc”] Avery Sunshine is getting ready for the release of their second album, Twenty Sixty Four which comes out this Friday.  Today they share an acoustic version of “The Ice Cream Song” and Sunshine sings her heart out about giving up ice cream and selling all of her shoes for her guitarist Dana Johnson who is now her husband.

Twenty Sixty Four is the first time the duo has worked with so many people on an album. Eric Roberson, Frank McComb, Carvin Haggins, Mr. Talkbox and trumpeter Keyon Harrold have writing and performance credits on Twenty Sixty Four.

Sunshine, who has always been candid about the spiritual component of her work, spoke on the new album:

“I am always striving to fill the space that I was created to fill. Everybody has their own fingerprint and we are all here for a reason. I believe the reason that I am here is to share the music that God has given me.”
Twenty Sixty Four will be available via the usual retail outlets this Friday and can be pre-ordered now.