Watch Trailer For Detroit, Kathryn Bigelow’s Movie About 1967 Riots

[youtube id=”HFeWsDpy9y0″]


Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit is about the 1967 riots that took place in the city after police raided an after-hours club. The riot went on for five days and became one of the biggest riots to take place in the United States. There was widespread police brutality and the most documented cases of it took place at the Algiers Motel. John Boyega stars as the security guard at the club who gets into the middle of the riot. The trailer’s shots are edited in a way to create curiosity about the film but there is no linear narrative. It also appears to suffer from the same dilemma as Showtime’s Guerrilla because of the erasure of Black women. Detroit will be in theaters August 4th.