Throwback: The Dirtbombs-Sharevari


[youtube id=”hAI16W7Z0eY”] The Dirtbombs covered “Sharevari” for their 2011 Party Store album. The Detroit garage rock band recorded covers of nine Detroit techno classics to see if they would have a favorable outcome. Their version of the song originally recorded by A Number Of Names complements the first recording by keeping the same exact arrangement. Mick Collins, the leader of The Dirtbombs, wondered if a rock band could successfully cover a bunch of songs made with pure electronics and “Sharevari” as well as the entire tracklisting lost no quality in sound. “Sharevari” was still just as danceable as it was during Detroit’s early techno days when it emerged and infiltrated Detroit radio and The Scene dance show. The Dirtbombs’ s 2013 Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! is their most recent release.