Matt Martians Gives Sample Of Drum Chord Theory Album With Diamond In Da Ruff Single

Members of The Internet are keeping their promises of future solo projects and today Matt Martians unveils “Diamond In Da Ruff” co-produced by band member Steve Lacy. The carefree guitar-lead single fades into the electro-influenced hidden track called “Feelin.'” Matt Martians’ solo album, The Drum Chord Theory will be released January 27th.


The Drum Chord Theory Tracklisting 

1. Spend the Night / If You Were My Girlfriend (Prod. Matt Martians)
2. What Love Is (Prod. Steve Lacy)
3. Where Are Yo Friends? (Prod. Matt Martians)
4. BabyGirl (Prod. Matt Martians & Kari Faux)
5. Southern Isolation (Prod. Matt Martians & Steve Lacy)
6. I Found Me Some Acid Tonight (feat. Steve Lacy) (Prod. Steve Lacy)
7. Alotta Women / Useless (feat. Kari Faux) (Prod. Matt Martians)
8. Down (Prod. Matt Martians)
9. Dent Jusay (feat. Syd & Steve Lacy) (Prod. Tyler The Creator)
10. Callin’ On Me (Prod. Matt Martians & Tyler The Creator)
11. Diamond in da Ruff (Prod. Matt Martians & Steve Lacy)
12. Elevators (Prod. Matt Martians & Tay Dreamin’)