3 Supreme Soundtracks For A Classy Casino Party!


What are some of this world’s finest tunes to play on a casino-themed party in a way that the actual big players from Vegas would envy your style?

Casinos are thrilling, engaging and entertaining in all of their shapes and sizes. A single mobile online casino app is roughly downloaded more times from the web than the top performing game on Google’s Play Market, according to research. That’s big. Really big!

I’m more than sure that you know at least several people who enjoy playing Poker or Blackjack, some of them might even be involved more than they should. The bottom line is, however, in the following fact: people sure love their casino games and, because of that, a casino-themed party will rock their world if all tracks are set up to hit their sweet spots.

Totally awesome casino-themed tracks

All of the below-mentioned songs perform well as both singles and mixes so feel free to search for variations if you feel like it.

  • ‘Luck Be A Lady’ by everyone’s favorite – Frank Sinatra. If there is a guy today who’s as cool and chill as good old Frank, that guy is doing a hell of a job to stay hidden from public eye. The odds are, however, that Ol’ Blue Eyes is a one-of-a-kind performer. Basically, all of his songs are soaked with the spirit of Vegas but this one, in particular, is destined to be a hit on every casino party.
  • ‘The Winner Takes All’ by the classy ABBA. Their pop dance tunes, while popular at the moment, did not make or break the charts of the music industry history. There was a single time however when ABBA went crazy with something entirely new and it worked for them just fine earning them a place in the hall of classic music fame.
  • Ray Charles sits on the third place proudly with his ‘Blackjack’. The obvious benefit and the strongest side of this song is obviously its theme. Is there anything performing better in a casino mix than a blackjack song? The song, by the way, was written after a winning session where Ray won a few lucky rounds in a battle royal against T-Bone.

The Bonus

Good old classics are not the only tracks to go well with the theme. There are series of more up-to-date performers who can light the place on fire with but a few tunes.

  • Xzibit and his ‘Gambler’.
  • Motorhead with their ‘Ace of Spades’.
  • DA$H with ‘Valium’.

Finally, it’s time for the guest-star of our list. The award of honor goes to the famous ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Elvis Presley. You didn’t honestly think that this song will be missed?