Nile Rodgers Announces A New Chic Album For 2017


Nile Rodgers has announced a new Chic album for 2017. It’s About Time was supposed to come out in 2015 but Rodgers says the album will be released in 2017 which will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the band’s inception and legendary NYC nightclub Studio 54. He even contemplated releasing the album this year but the death of so many musicians, many who were his colleagues and friends like David Bowie and Prince stopped him. Chic’s last album was 1992’s

Chic’s last album was 1992’s Chic-ism and since then Rodgers has been busy working with other artists. Three years ago he was re-introduced to the public with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and this past year he worked again with Duran Duran and co-produced their Paper Gods album. In 2017, he has plans to pay tribute to Studio 54, release It’s About Time and unveil a surprise. Rodgers will receive an Award for Musical Excellence at next year’s Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. He explained to Billboard how happy he is to receive the award but he still feels disappointment over Chic not getting in next year after 11 nominations. It’s an interesting question considering Chic’s contribution to dance music and hip-hop. Chic’s “Good Times” is a foundation of rap music’s entry into the mainstream and without it, the Sugar Hill Gang and Sugar Hill Records would not have exploded onto the scene. The song also gave Atlantic Records a No. 1 hit and great sales over three decades. The band still has the option to be nominated again and fans can only hope the RRHOF will give them the honor.

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