Alyson Williams Releases First Christmas Song

Alyson Williams has recorded and released her first Christmas song, “Happy Holiday.” The veteran artist, who was the first R&B singer signed to Def Jam, always wanted to record a Christmas project but never had the opportunity. Williams was busy in the ’80’s and ’90’s making “Just Call My Name” a quietstorm staple, releasing hit records and lending her vocals to a variety of Def Jam albums.  She says the night of the election inspired her to write “Happy Holiday.”

“I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas album but was never able to record it. With all the acrimony, vitriol, and hateful messaging during this Election season, we decided to release a single for the holiday and follow-up with an album next year. After an extremely rough night of watching and waiting with the rest of the world, I realized that before I dozed off to sleep I had to compose a song.”

Williams’ “Happy Holiday” sounds like it belongs next to all of the R&B Christmas classics that came before and demand to be heard every year. The lyrics offer hope at a time when the country is still divided in its feelings about the 45th president.