Jodie Abacus: Keep Your Head Down


[youtube id=”sfgi8K2w6cM”] Jodie Abacus has a new single called “Keep Your Head Down” and he said his inspiration came from a TV show about refugees.

“I started writing this song after I woke up one morning in my hotel room in LA and started watching a segment on refugees. That same day I had a studio session with Nick Ruth and SOHN so I went in the studio with this idea in my head. I wanted to sympathise and put myself in their shoes to express what it could be like to flee your country with your family in the midst of war and destruction in the hopes of finding safety in a Western country, only to not be accepted there. That absolute feeling of total unease and desperation…We’re safe here, but we can only imagine”.

The south London singer-songwriter is preparing for the release of his solo album on February 10th.