Throwback: Keke Wyatt-Diamonds and Pearls


[youtube id=”PNUnETT29tI”] Keke Wyatt’s rendition of Prince’s “Diamond and Pearls” is part of her Keke Covers series on her Youtube channel. Earlier this year Wyatt posted this clip of herself lip-synching to her recording of  “Diamonds and Pearls” in tribute to Prince after his passing in April. Prince was obviously an inspiration to Wyatt and her tears at the end of the song are a mournful ending to a very emotional performance intensified by her range. Wyatt explained her feelings about the song and said, “As I was singing ‘Diamonds and Pearls’, it hit me that he’s really gone. This song is so touching, and has always spoken to my soul. He was a musical genius and his legacy will live on in this world forever.” The singer has said she plans on releasing an album of cover songs and the fans clearly want one as seen by the numbers of views, comments and requests they have made about her versions. Wyatt just released Rated Love Deluxe and the video for her single “Jodeci.”