Damian Marley-Nail Pon Cross Official Video

[youtube id=”8lE-5g2B62E”] Damian Marley addresses stereotypes and judgemental people in his video for “Nail Pon Cross.” Marley and a host of others including a Black boy and a police officer are nailed to utility pole cross because of other people’s assumptions. Some Christians are offended by the imagery of him on the cross because of the Jesus reference. Marley talked about the reaction to the Huffingtonpost and this is what he had to say: “If you look at the news and check out popular media, you can see people are being crucified one way or the other,” Marley said. “Whether it’s with police using excessive force on young African-Americans, or whether it’s people judging our police because of those news topics. Likewise, with people who are of Middle Eastern descent, and likewise of people who are of Mexican descent. It’s looking at the stereotypes and the ways we judge each other.” Marley’s Stoney Hill album is coming out October 28th.