Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition Comes Out September 30th



Danny Brown announced today that his third album Atrocity Exhibition will be released September 30th. He has revealed that he spent $70,000 on clearing samples for the album that has features from Kendrick Lamar, B-Real, Kelela  and more. Black Milk and the Alchemist are among the producers of the 15-song album. Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition tour kicks off in Philadelphia September 14th.

Atrocity Exhibition Tracklisting:
1. Downward Spiral
2. Tell Me What I Don’t Know
3. Rolling Stone (featuring Petite Noir)
4. Really Doe (featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
5. Lost
6. Ain’t It Funny
7. Goldust
8. White Lines
9. Pneumonia
10. Dance In The Water
11. From The Ground (featuring Kelela)
12. When It Rain
13. Today
14. Get Hi (featuring B-Real)
15. Hell For It