R.I.P. Bernie Worrell

[youtube id=”OIipoBIF1lM”] Bernie Worrell, who was a founding member of Parliament- Funkadelic died today at age 72. Worrell was the star keyboardist in both bands and is known for his memorable solo on “Flashlight” that influenced R&B, techno and hip-hop. The musician was the second person to receive one of Robert Moog’s synthesizer and this instrument became a guiding light of the P-Funk sound. Worrell’s futuristic keyboard was also heard on recordings by Bill Laswell, Fred Schneider,  Talking Heads, Mos Def’s Black Jack Johnson band and Prince Paul.  In recent times he performed with the Bernie Worrell Orchestra and had side projects with Les Claypool and Seattle band Khu.éex’. In January of 2016, he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. On April 4th and 5th the Black Rock Coalition hosted benefit concerts for his treatment. The New England Conservatory where he studied gave him an honorary doctorate in May 2016.