Throwback: Sheena Easton-Sugar Walls



[youtube id=”f-Alq8rJIbo”]  Sheena Easton’s “Sugar Walls” was written by Prince under the pseudonym, Alexander Nevermind. The song’s title referred to a woman’s private parts and this reference provoked the ire of Tipper Gore of the PMRC and televangelist Jimmy Stewart. “Sugar Walls” was the second song on her Filthy Fifteen list of music they found to be problematic. Another Prince song, “Darling Nikki” was the first song on the list. But the second single from her A Taste Of Heaven album was essential to the dancefloor and another credit to Prince’s reign in the ’80’s. Easton and Prince would work together again on the “Arms Of Orion” from the Batman soundtrack and “U Got The Look” from his Sign O’ The Times album. Prince also produced “101” and “Cool Love” for Easton’s The Lover In Me under the name Joey Coco. Easton retired from music in 2000 after more a dozen albums and being a pop icon of the ’80’s.