Throwback: Morris Day-Fishnet



[youtube id=”qX1o-os-TMs”] “Fishnet” was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for Morris Day’s Daydreaming album.  Day’s sophomore album was another opportunity for the three of them to work together outside of their membership in The Time. The tribute to women’s stockings gave Day his only number one R&B hit as a solo artist and further spread the magic of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Day’s self-produced first album, Color Of Success, was received well because of the single “Oak Tree” and was a factor in keeping Minneapolis funk relevant. The three of them would not work together again until the 1990 release of The Time’s Pandemonium. Day released his fourth and most recent solo album in 2004 with It’s About Time. In 2011, The Time reunited and changed their name to The Original 7ven and released the album Condensate. The band is currently touring and will pay tribute to Prince who founded The Time in 1981.