Dâ–³WN Debuts Wake Up Single



Dâ–³WN’s “Wake Up” is flashing lights and heavy synthesizers for the dancefloor and the next step towards the release of her Redemption album coming out in the fall. She just became the first artist to perform for the newly launched Youtube Live 360⁰ series. Dâ–³WN’s Redemption show will go on the road soon and she will perform  at the FORM Arcosanti Festival in Arizona tonight and then Moogfest on May 21st.

D∆WN Tour Dates:
May 13: Arcosanti, AZ @ FORM Festival 
May 21: Durham, NC @ Moogfest
June 10: Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel 
June 11: Montreal, QC @ Newspeak 
June 15: London, UK @ XOYO 
June 16: Lisbon, Portugal @ ZDB
June 19: Berlin, Germany @ Berghaln 
June 23: Toulouse, France @ Slestes Electroniques 
June 29: Denmark @ Rosklide Festival – Apollo Stage