FOMO-House Of Love Feat. Chaka Khan, Taka Boom & Mark Stevens


Production duo FOMO has completed a collaboration with Chaka Khan and her siblings Taka Boom and Mark Stevens called “House Of Love” for the dancefloor. Mark Bell and Jamie Petrie are FOMO and Bell has worked with Taka for years. They were able to get all three siblings on the song after Taka played it for Chaka and Mark and this song is their first recording together. Khan told NPR that the current dance music trend is lacking the human touch:

“We get it, we invented it,” she says. “We lost our minds already. But … learn to play an instrument. If you need to be Auto-Tuned, you don’t need to be singing.”

“House Of Love” comes out May 20 on the reignited Shaboom label.