Throwback: For Real You Don’t Know Nothin’


[youtube id=”Lr_CGWelEPk”]

Josina Elder started For Real in Los Angeles during the late ’80’s and they an R&B quartet of serious harmonizers quickly labeled “The Female Boyz II Men.” “You Don’t Know Nothin'” is from their first album, It’s A Natural Thing. Mervyn Warren, a founder of the acclaimed vocal group Take 6, who was also known for their gospel harmonies, produced “You Don’t Know Nothin'” and had a cameo in the video. For Real’s acapella harmonies sounded like a soulful symphony and made them one of best, but lesser known girl groups of the ’90’s. From 1993-99, they released two albums and contributed to the soundtracks for Panther, Grace Of My Heart and Waiting To Exhale.