Throwback: Skull Snaps-It’s A New Day



[youtube id=”fsDEof4hOOo”]

The Skull Snaps started out as an R&B group called The Original Diplomats and had a regional hit in D.C. with the 1964 Van McCoy-produced “Here’s A Heart.” Tom Price, Bill Collier, Samm Culley and Irving Waters were the original members until Price left the group and the drummer George Bragg joined and they became a funk trio. “It’s A New Day” from their lone 1973 album on GSF Records seemed designed for hip-hop because it didn’t attract much notice at the time but has become an essential breakbeat.They completely disbanded shortly after the release of the album because of legal difficulties with GSF. As of 2015 Samm Culley posted on Facebook that a new Skull Snaps project is in the works.