Throwback: Mark Morrison-Return Of The Mack



[youtube id=”uB1D9wWxd2w”]

“Return Of The Mack” lead Mark Morrison’s debut album of the same name into a commercial victory of five top 10 singles. Morrison was the first British artist to achieve the feat with a debut album. His gritty singing style and penchant for bling made him an anomaly among his British R&B peers and more akin to American soul artists. But his tone was representative of his family’s Barbadian roots. The album was a worldwide success selling millions of copies but Morrison’s constant troubles with the law delayed his touring schedule. He released his Only God Can Judge Me EP in ’97 and a few years later he became the only British artist to sign to Death Row Records. Innocent Man was his first comeback in 2006 and in 2014 he released I Am What I Am and the single, “2Morrow” featuring Erene, Devlin and Crooked I.