Throwback: Phoebe Snow-A Different World Theme Song


[youtube id=”LKDJVTRsB04″]

Phoebe Snow’s version of A Different World’s theme song aired in the first season of the ’80’s TV show. The song was co-written by Dawnn Lewis, Stu Gardner and Bill Cosby and it would later be performed by Aretha Franklin and Boyz II Men. Snow became famous in the ’70’s for her song “Poetry Man” from her 1974 self-titled album and it earned her a Grammy nomination. She was critically acclaimed for her ability to masterfully sing any style she attempted including jazz, rock, folk, soul and gospel. Her sophisticated vocals, curly hair and light skin often confused people and they mistook her Jewish heritage for and African-American one. In her lifetime she recorded 14 albums, three of which reached Gold and Platinum status. Her voice was also heard in a number of television commercials for Stouffer’s, Michelob and General Foods. Snow also sang the Roseanne theme song on the last episode of the show. She performed for President Clinton and appeared in the film Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom. Snow passed in 2011 after suffering a brain hemorrhage and going into a coma the previous year.