Throwback: Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs-Be A Father To Your Child



[youtube id=”ZQMVsQW_kjM”]

Ed O.G.became one of the first major rappers out of Boston in 1991 when he and Da Bulldogs released Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto. His first recording was with his F.I.T. crew as a 15-year old teenager. Their “Suzi Q” single gave him the bearings to form Ed. O.G. and Da Bulldogs with help from New York’s Awesome Two (Special K and Teddy Ted) in 1989. “Be A Father To Your Child” used the easiness of Roy Ayers’s “Searching” to bring up the issue of fatherhood without the haughty nature of a sermon. The Awesome Two and Joe Mansfield produced the album and they used more warm soul/jazz samples endemic of the boom bap sound for “I Got To Have It.” Their contract ended after the release of Roxburxy 02119 and Ed O.G. started releasing solo material with the 1996 Truth Hurts EP. He’s released 10 solo albums most of which are critically acclaimed including 2004’s My Own Worst Enemy with Pete Rock and the 2009 album, Arts and Entertainment with Masta Ace. In April of 2014 Edo G met the goals of his Kickstarter campaign to fund his 11th solo album, After All These Years, which is slated for release in July.