Throwback: Miilkbone-Keep It Real



[youtube id=”Wi7CAs4c2xU”]

Miilkbone is a native of Perth Amboy, New Jersey and one of the few white rappers to be accepted by self-proclaimed hip-hop heads. Naughty By Nature heard a demo tape Miilkbone made with Biz Markie and Cool V which lead to them helping the rapper get a recording contract with Capitol Records. Da Miilkrate was released in ’95 and received favorable critical reviews because of “Keep It Real” and “Where’z Da Party At.” The former became a famous beat utilized by Jay-Z and Big L while the latter was a favored party record that had video cameos from Nas, Bill Bellamy and Onyx. The disbanding of Capitol’s urban department dashed the record’s commercial potential and discouraged Miilkbone from working in the recording industry. He reappeared in 2000 on the Death Row Compilation, The Chronic Still Smokin’ compilation on the song “Presenting Miilkbone” which was a response to an Eminem diss. U Got Miilk was his independent sophomore album released in 2001. Miilkbone started making music again in 2013 and released his video for the song “Highway Coolin'” in March 2014.