Throwback: Frankie Knuckles-Baby Wants To Ride



[youtube id=”oTbuYH84bfg”]

“Baby Wants To Ride” was one of many collaborations between Chicago house music artist Jamie Principle and DJ Frankie Knuckles in the ’80’s. The two met after Principle’s DJ friend Joe Gomez gave Knuckles a copy of Principle’s “Your Love” in its earliest form. Knuckles loved the song and started playing it during his sets at the Powerplant on a reel to reel machine. “Your Love” would eventually be released in 1987 on the Trax label with most of the credit going to Knuckles. “Baby Wants To Ride” was on the other side of “Your Love” and it was a trance-producing dancefloor hit heavily shaped by Prince. Together they were responsible for “I’m Gonna Make You Scream,” “It’s A Cold World,” “Bad Boy,” “Waiting on My Angel” and Baby Wants to Ride.” These songs were the backbone of house music’s inception in Chicago clubs and Principle became a regular performer at the Powerplant. In 2011 Knuckles and Principle recorded “I’ll Take You There” a new version of “Your Love.”