Vintage Footage Of Frankie Knuckles At The Power House Club

[youtube id=”4f1TdEcqw_M”]

In the wake of Frankie Knuckles’s passing The Media Burn Archive posted this 12 minute film of the 1986 opening night of The Power House club in Chicago. House music was reaching its height and Frankie Knuckles was interviewed about the music that he has been given most of the credit for with the title of Godfather. J.M. Silk is also interviewed and they perform “Jack Your Body” and “Shadows Of Your Love.” The genre had already travelled from Chicago to the UK by then and it was two years before house music had its strongest commercial presence with Inner City’s “Big Fun.” The Power House club was one of Knuckles’s last residencies before he started to make his classic Def Mix remixes, first solo album and take up new residencies in Europe and New York.