Throwback: Ahmad-Back In The Day


[youtube id=”KyVu_v82vjM”]

Los Angeles rapper Ahmad instantly made his “Back In The Day” a timeless feel-good song by grabbing the nostalgic feelings associated with the Teddy Pendergrass “Love TKO” sample. Ahmad’s use of the idea that most people look at their youth with fond memories made the song relatable enough to outlast its 1994 one-hit-wonder status. After the success of “Back In The Day” he put together the soul/rock band 4th Avenue Jones that had the most impact with their song “Stereo.” He created Lookalive Records to release the band’s 7 albums before they disbanded over not having the desired level of success. When 4th Avenue Jones ended Ahmad went back to college and earned a degree in sociology from Stanford University. In 2012 Ahmad released the short film Good Meat Makes Gravy about a struggling hip-hop artist.