Throwback: Willie Hutch-I Choose You



[youtube id=”V_7fEmSLu9g”]

Willie Hutch made his reputation in the music industry as a songwriter and arranger for Motown in the ’70’s co-writing and arranging songs for The Jackson 5. Hutch was born in Los Angeles but raised in Dallas, Texas. Motown producer Hal Davis recognized Hutch’s talent after hearing his solo work for RCA and recordings of his songs by The Fifth Dimension. “I Choose You” is from the soundtrack to the 1973 film The Mack that was completely scored by Hutch. “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” and “Slick” were the other popular songs from the album that became another favored recyclable for hip-hop. Hutch also wrote the music for another blaxploitation film in 1974 for the Pam Grier action movie Foxy Brown. He released six solo albums with Motown and had success with the singles “Love Power” and “In and Out.” In the later years of his career he contributed to the soundtrack of The Last Dragon and independently released two albums before passing in 2005.