Throwback: Monie Love-Full Term Love


Monie Love had already mastered rhyming over the classic R&B sample when she reconfigured The Whispers’s “And The Beat Goes On” into her 1988 single “I Can Do This.” “It’s A Shame (My Sister)” was another rap song assisted by an obvious R&B instrumental this time from The Spinners’s “It’s A Shame.” “Full-Term Love” was a similar creation rooted in The Fatback Band’s “I Found Lovin.'” The song appeared in the movie Class Act that starred rappers Kid N Play and on Love’s second album In a Word or 2. In 1989 she released “Grandpa’s Party” as her second single and it was a hip-house tribute to Afrika Bambaataa that had appearances from him and The Zulu Nation in the video. Love’s visibility as the other female member of the Native Tongue Posse besides Queen Latifah was the result of her meeting The Jungle Brothers in her native London in 1988. Her contribution to Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First” made her the only other rapper from the UK outside of Slick Rick to be taken seriously in the United States. Monie Love’s appearance on “Ladies First” also made her an early and permanent symbol of hip-hop feminism. She made strides with hip-hop and dance music fans in American after making more appearances on De La Soul’s “Buddy,” The Jungle Brothers’s “Doin’ Our Own Dang” and Adeva’s “Ring My Bell.” Down To Earth’s carefree air was introduced by the buoyant energy of “Monie In The Middle.” Love’s second album In a Word or 2 is unique because it is the only hip-hop album with production credits from Marley Marl and Prince. “Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.” was a song about Love’s young motherhood experience produced by Prince and one of the album’s two singles including “Full Term Love.” Whitney Houston’s 1991 “My Name Is Not Susan” was remixed and Love appeared on it and in the video. Love worked for the Philadelphia radio station WPHI-FM 100.3 from 2004-2006 and she had a very popular argument with rapper Young Jeezy over the state of hip-hop. In 2012 she appeared on “The Rhythm” by the indie rap group The Zzyzzx. She is featured on Rass Kass’s song “Sometimes” from his 2013 album Barmageddon. Love is also a cast member of the upcoming BET reality show “Hip-Hop Sisters.”Monie Love currently resides in Miami and is the host of the Sirius XM radio show Ladies First.