Throwback: Secret Weapon-Must Be The Music



Secret Weapon was a New York based R&B group formed by Jerome Lister in 1980. “Must Be The Music” was co-written by Jerome Prister and Michele Blackmon and was first released as a single. The strong bassline and the contrast between the female singer and the male vocalist who sang and rap helped the song escape the chagrin of disco dance music antagonists. The band’s contract with Prelude Records provided for the release of their Must Be The Music album in 1983. “DJ Man” was the second single from the album but it was just a derivative copy of “Must Be The Music.” Lister tried once again to recapture the power of Secret Weapon’s dance hit with the song “Move For Me” under the name Output in 1984. A brief time with Tuff City Records produced the underground slow-tempo jam “Say You’ll Be” in 1985 and the full-length album No Better Love Than Yours in 1989. Jerome Prister passed of complications from a stroke in 2007. Djuana “DJ” Thomas from Secret Weapon is a radio personality on Atlanta’s WRDA.