J.Cole-Crooked Smile Feat. TLC


[youtube id=”fzzMOMkjm8A”]

J.Cole’s video for “Crooked Smile” is a dedication to Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was shot by Detroit police officer Brian Weekly during a raid at her family’s house in 2010. Cole’s video is touching and makes its point about police aggression but the case was actually about the fact that the Jones’family had a fugitive killer in their home that night. Charles Jones, who is Aiyana’s father, had given a gun to Chauncey Owens who used it to kill Je’Rean Blake. Owens later hid out at the home where Aiyana lived and this is why the police staked out the house. Owens and Jones have criminal pasts and Owens admitted to murdering Blake. The publicity for the case was made worse by the fact that the investigation was being filmed for the TV show The First 48. Cole is definitely giving the contemporary rap fan something to think about and unfortunately TLC is not in video.