Janelle Monae Introduces The Electric Lady To Detroit


[youtube id=”xqXJVmGlC9I”]

Last night Janelle Monae had a listening session for her The Electric Lady album in Detroit.The Electric Lady is a 21st century woman inspired by silhouettes Monae drew several nights in a row. Judging from the 7-song preview of the double album, the Electric Lady is a woman who believes in funk, freedom and love. Monae gave a mini concert singing in identical tone with her recordings. And she hyped the atmosphere by dancing with almost half of the room in between announcing the songs. The highlights:

“Q.U.E.E.N.” The collaboration with Erykah Badu that starts as a post-Prince dance-worthy funk workout that ends with Monae’s rap urging Electric women to wake up. The video showed Badu and Monae breaking the Electric ladies out a of museum into movement:

[youtube id=”tEddixS-UoU”]

“Electric Lady” A progressive R&B collaboration with Solange most remembered for the palpable live horns.

“Prime Time” The pop-inclined ballad with Miguel that seeks to bring the guitar solo back into R&B radio:

[youtube id=”d5ewB-o5N9A”]

“We Were Rock And Roll” Classic house overtones dedicated to
a wonderful past relationship

“Victory” She wrote this to inspire everyone on the days they feel doubtful about life as she explained in her lyrics, “To be victorious is to find glory in the little things”

“Dance Apocalyptic” The fun rock and roll order to seize the day that also debuted a video two months ago:

[youtube id=”eaMBagakSdM”]

“What An Experience” Ascending synthesizers and a festive break about another extraordinary past relationship

She kept the Prince song an appropriate mystery until September 10th and reminded everyone that “We’re making music not just making beats.”

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