Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Interview With Bloomberg


[youtube id=”t38bi5dAxZY”]

Spike Lee shuts down Trish Reagan in an interview with Bloomberg media about his Kickstarter campaign for his next movie. Spike mentions the important fact that big studios only finance the tent-pole movie that can be a global money maker and that the inventors of the tent-pole, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have already predicted the crashing of those kinds of movies. He also talks about the way the movie/entertainment industry has changed and is changing amid social media and digital streaming. He also explained how he supports young artists as a film professor at NYC but he should have also mentioned how he produced the excellent Pariah last year. Spike also forgot to mention how billionaire tent-pole movie inventor Lucas didn’t even want to finance Red Tails but no one criticized him for it. So why are people criticizing Spike who is an independent filmmaker?