Throwback: Lakim Shabazz-The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz


[youtube id=”PLA09CA727C8DA24D0″]

Lakim Shabazz is a founding member of The Flavor Unit and an avid member of the Five-Percent Nation. Shabazz was unique in his reverence for Africa and his video for “The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz” was the first one filmed on the continent. The New Jersey native was a part of a wave of pro-Black rappers including X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubian, Paris, KRS-One and Public Enemy. Both of his albums Pure Righteousness and The Lost Tribe of Shabazz were primarily produced by Mark the 45 King and “Black Is Back” is one of the key Afrocentric anthems of the time.His recording output was short but highly significant because Shabazz had skills and his work denotes the special time in hip-hop before hyper-capitalism became the darling of commercial rap. Shabazz still lives in New Jersey and was interviewed last year by Irvin Harmon.