Throwback: Sha Key-Soulsville




Sha-Key is a native of New York and “Soulsville” is from her ’94 debut A Headnadda’s Journey To Adidi-Skizm. The album was critically acclaimed because of her original delivery, dauntless vocals and keen-edged perspective on the world. She also founded the first online hip-hop magazine in ’93 called Guillotine. The multi-media artist started writing and performing with The Brooklyn Funk Essentials and later dropped the name Sha-Key in favor of Hanifah Walidah. The 2000’s found her producing a hip-hop opera, a theater piece and the U People documentary that has collected several international festival awards and is regularly aired on MTV’s Logo network. Walidah is also the curator of the blog Rule 4081 that is designed to help independent artists navigate their careers. The ever-creative artist is currently working with the collective La Magnetique to complete their full-length album as St.Lo.