Throwback: Frost-La Raza




Frost formerly known as Kid Frost is a rapper from East Los Angeles who started his career in hip-hop during the ’80’s. He was a breakdancer and had released a few songs independently before he was added to the Virgin Records roster. “La Raza” is from his 1990 album Hispanic Causing Panic and it was a breakthrough song for Latin hip-hop artists and fans. He put together the Latin supergroup, The Latin Alliance in ’91 and they remade War’s “Low Rider” for their lone project. Frost’s sophomore album East Side Story was his last for Virgin and he later joined Eazy E’s Ruthless Records. Smile Now Die Later and When Hell.A.Freezes Over were his Ruthless releases. Throughout the ’90’s and ’00’s Frost has released 12 solo projects. He has also done film work as an actor and contributed his voice and music to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. His son is hip-hop producer Scoop DeVille.